• Why Some Businesses Fail

    Companies fail for all sorts of reasons. Here are the top. Read More
  • Why I Don't Sign NDAs

    Here's a few reasons why I don't sign NDAs when people pitch me ideas. Read More
  • A Concise Business Plan Template

    There are plenty of in-depth articles and books that show you how to develop a business plan. But sometimes the short and sweet version is all that's needed. Read More
  • Why I Moved From WordPress to Jekyll

    There are pros and cons to both tools, but I have no regrets about my move to Jekyll. Read More
  • How to Form Hypotheses (and why you should care)

    We subconsciously use hypotheses everyday. A hypothesis is simply the identification of a particular assumption, and the prediction of the expected outcome. Sound complicated? It isn't. All types of decisions have implicit assumptions and hypotheses behind them. Read More
  • DIY Click to Tweet

    Want people to tweet your message simply by clicking a link? Don't want to sign up for a service? DIY and follow these 3 steps. Read More
  • Validating an Idea

    Let's say you come up with a great idea; the next big product or service. How do you know what the next steps should be? Read More
  • Idea/Founder Fit

    Ideas are easy. Anyone can come up with an idea. But not everyone can execute. Read More
  • Edit Any Webpage on the Fly

    Sometimes I just want to click on some text on a website and start editing away. So I do. For example, when I'm with a client and I want to demonstrate how they can improve the copy on their website, rather than just telling them, I can show them by editing their website on the fly. It always grabs their attention, even though it is a very simple trick. Read More
  • Kanban vs. Scrum - Pull vs. Push

    What makes a particular software development methodology a push or pull system is simply how the development team handles the inventory/scheduling of stories. Read More


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