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Most Startups Fail.

Starting a startup is difficult. You might have a great idea, but identifying all the possible risks and challenges is either overlooked or overwhelming. I help entrepreneurs build a strategy that decreases risk and uncovers opportunities, by offering the following services.

Strategy Consulting

Strategy & Objectives

Strategy involves understanding options, making decisions, and developing milestones and objectives; and then continually optimizing those objectives.

Assumption Identification

Identifying business model assumptions is often overlooked, despite being critical to success. Together, we will highlight risks and assumptions.

Metrics and Measurement

Choosing the right metrics is critical to making data-driven decisions and continuous optimization. I help entrepreneurs measure and improve.

Leadership and Execution

A great idea poorly executed is worse than a bad idea executed brilliantly. I help remove the numerous barriers to exceptional execution.

Tactics Consulting

Forecasting & ROI Analysis

A great strategy executed to perfection can still fail miserably if financial expectations aren’t realistic or are not forecasted correctly.

Marketing and Analytics

Marketing is simply understanding the needs/pains of your target market and then describing your value proposition in a way that resonates with them.

Customer Acquisition

Your target market won’t know your product exists just because you have a great idea and website. You still need to go out and find customers.

Static Website Development

A website legitimizes your product/service and allows you to explain your value proposition. It also enables you to collect data via analytics and email collection tactics.

  • "I have been working with Shane Kercheval for about a year now. Shane understands business, strategy and what it’s going to take to make a business successful. He will look at every angle and will come back to you and tell you things that you don’t want to hear; he’s going to tell you his honest opinion on what needs to be enhanced, changed, or deleted from your business plan. Now as I look back almost a year later, the value that I received from Shane is worth way more then I think he even realizes. Thanks Shane for helping GoDirect Foods start on the right track."

    JC Conrad

    Founder / CEO, GoDirect Foods


  • Growth

    target market & sales funnel optimization; growth tactic identification

  • Site Optimization

    determine website goals; optimize conversion rate & user experience

  • Analytics

    determine data collection methods, analyze data, make data-driven decisions

  • Strategy

    identify options, assumptions, risks, and appropriate next steps

  • SEO

    optimize search engine rank with keyword research and on- and off-page SEO tactics

  • Forecasting

    develop models to determine break-even point, cash-flow and profit expectations

  • Execution

    workflow and task management; organization; execution & focus optimization

  • Social Media

    determine social media strategy and techniques; analyze data

  • HTML/CSS/JavaScript

    static website development; basic layout, design, and user-interaction

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