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I'm a software engineer turned marketer turned data nerd. Currently working for Auth0 in growth and data analytics. I'm very curious in general and love to learn.

Data Proficiencies

Data Analysis

Inspect, cleanse, and wrangle data; discover actionable information and patterns; communicating solutions that support business and marketing strategy.

Software Engineering

Professional experience developing software using a variety of languages; strong understanding of writing maintainable code using best practices and patterns.

Statistics and Machine Learning

Strong understanding of statistical/machine-learning concepts including p-value, tests, distributions, predictive modeling, clustering, and more.

A/B Testing

Running statistical experiments on websites/apps to produce data-driven decisions that lead to increase in customer value and conversion rates.

Technical Proficiencies

R Language

One of the most popular languages for data analysis and machine learning. Familiar with popular packages such as ggplot, dplyr, tidyr, caret, etc. that streamline analysis.


Data is often stored in databases like MS SQL Server or Amazon Redshift and has to be retrieve before it is analyzed. SQL is often the language used for retrieval.

General Tools

Demonstrated ability to quickly come up to speed and become proficient in many different tools, programming languages, and techniques.


Python; C#; Java; Regular Expressions; JavaScript/JQuery; MS SQL Server; Redshift; Excel; Domo; Google Analytics & Tag Manager; Balsamiq Mockups

  • "I have been working with Shane Kercheval for about a year now. Shane understands business, strategy and what it’s going to take to make a business successful. He will look at every angle and will come back to you and tell you things that you don’t want to hear; he’s going to tell you his honest opinion on what needs to be enhanced, changed, or deleted from your business plan. Now as I look back almost a year later, the value that I received from Shane is worth way more then I think he even realizes. Thanks Shane for helping GoDirect Foods start on the right track."

    JC Conrad

    Founder / CEO, GoDirect Foods

Contact Information and Resources

Feel Free to Reach Out.