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I'm a software developer turned data scientist. Currently doing data analysis/science and machine learning for a rapidly growing, pre-IPO, tech company. I'm very curious in general and love to learn.

Data Proficiencies

Data Analysis

Inspect, cleanse, and wrangle data; discover actionable information and patterns; communicating solutions that support business and marketing strategy.

Software Engineering

Professional experience developing software using a variety of languages; strong understanding of writing maintainable code using best practices and patterns.

Statistics and Machine Learning

Strong practical understanding of statistical and machine-learning techniques and ability to implement solutions in R and Python.

A/B Testing

Running statistical experiments on websites/apps to produce data-driven decisions that lead to increase in customer value and conversion rates.

Technical Proficiencies

R & Shiny

R is a powerful language for data & statistical analysis. Shiny is a framework that makes it possible to create web-apps in R.


Python is one of the most popular languages in general, but also for data analysis and machine learning.


Data is often stored in databases like MS SQL Server or Amazon Redshift and has to be retrieve before it is analyzed. SQL is often the language used for retrieval.


C#; Java; Regular Expressions; JavaScript/JQuery; MS SQL Server; Redshift; Excel; Domo; Google Analytics & Tag Manager


Here are some personal projects.

Python Machine Learning Library

An object-oriented python library that makes it easy to use, evalulate, and search for machine learning algos.

Shiny App for Analyzing A/B Test Data

This shiny app is an example of an A/B test dashboard that uses both frequentist and bayesian methods.

Shiny App for Exploring Datasets

This app allows the user to upload .csv or .RDS data to slice and dice the data in vaarious ways.

Shiny App for Exploring Time Series Datasets

This app allows the user to upload .RDS files containing time-series datasets and gives the user the ability to perform various time-series analysis techniques.

Blog Posts

Here are some "blog-post" type references.

A/B Tests, Diminishing Lift, & Attribution Windows

What effect does an attribution window have on the results of an experiment?

Contact Information